The “Mick O’Neill” Sports Encouragement Award.

This award is being respectfully presented by the Ballarat Sportsmen’s Club in memory of Club member Mick O’Neill who passed away in 2001. It is intended that the award recognizes a young athlete who demonstrates ability and determination to succeed, two characteristics really appreciated by Mick in his involvement with sport. The Award has no financial benefit.
Nominations for this award are open each year for athletes within the Ballarat region. Simply send through an email with the athlete’s bio and achievement during the twelve months (April 2020 to April 2021). The nominator’s contact details and association with the athlete is also required.

Please send your nomination email by May 2021 to:
Hon. Secretary Bruce Valpied.

CLOSED FOR 2019-2020

The Award is presented in June of each year with Nominations called for in April.

Hon. Secretary Bruce Valpied.