Ballarat has a fine reputation as a sporting city, evidence of this is seen in the continually rising standards of finalists in this award. As the level of sporting achievement world wide has risen inexorably, the performances of the sportspeople of this City have more than kept abreast of these advances. Verification of this is that most finalists for 2012 have competed at international level and been successful or competitive at this elite level.

1960   Neil Titheridge (Golf)

1961   Jim Gull (Football)

1962   Lyn Gilbert (Table Tennis)

1963   Bob Wasley (Rifle Shooting)

1964   Ray Bilney (Cycling)

1965   Ray Bilney (Cycling)

1966   Tony Benson (Athletics)

1967   Lyn Gilbert (Table Tennis)

1968   Doug Armstrong (Cycling)

1969   Doug Armstrong (Cycling)

1970   Tony Benson (Athletics)

1971   Tony Benson (Athletics)

1972   Tony Benson (Athletics)

1973   Lorna Lucas (Bowls)

1974   Graham Crouch (Athletics)

1975   Graham Crouch (Athletics)

1976   Barry Packham (Karate)

1977   Willi Sawall (Athletics)

1978   Willi Sawall (Athletics)

1979   Robyn Gull (Basketball)

1980   John Stekelenburg (Water Skiing)

1981   Ray Rigby (Power Lifting)

1982   Willi Sawall (Athletics)

1983   Ray Rigby (Power Lifting)

1984   Gary Gullock (Rowing)

1985   Barry Packham (Karate)

1986   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1987   Tony Lockett (Football)

1988   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1989   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1990   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1991   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1992   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1993   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1994   Stephen Moneghetti (Athletics)

1995   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1996   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1997   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1998   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1999   Peter Blackburn (Badminton)

2000   Jodi Willis-Roberts (Shot Put & Discus)

2001   Emily Martin (Rowing)

2002   Stuart Brehaut (Badminton)

2003   Stuart Brehaut (Badminton)

2004   Anthony Edwards (Rowing) & Allison Tranquilli (Basketball)

2005   Emily Martin (Rowing)

2006   Shayne Reese (Swimming)

2007   Shayne Reese (Swimming)

2008   Jarred Tallent (Athletics)

2009   James Marburg (Rowing)

2010   Jarred Tallent (Athletics)

2011   Jarred Tallent (Athletics)

2012   Jarred Tallent (Athletics) &  Greg Smith (Para-Athlete)

2013  Jarred Tallent (Athletics)

2014  Collis Birmingham (Athletics)

2015  Michelle Payne (Horse Racing)

2016 Jared Tallent (Athletic)

2017 Katrina Werry (Rowing)

2018 Kathryn Mitchell

2019 Katrina Werry (Rowing)

The difficulty faced by a Team Player in winning the Sportsperson of the Year is emphasised by the statistics which show that only a small percentage of previous winners have been in that category. Recognising this problem the Club decided that excellence in Team Sports should be rewarded and encouraged. The Hollioake Medallion is therefore a fitting tribute both to the recipient and to the person whose name it bears. Rex Hollioake has made an outstanding contribution to sport in the City of Ballarat, both on and off the field.

1982   Peter Brady (Cricket)

1983   John Northey (Football Coach)

1984   Chris Waters (Badminton)

1985   Ray Laycock (Lawn Bowls)

1986   Sharon Stewart (Athletics)

1987   Bryan Thomas (Canoeing)

1988   Bryan Thomas (Canoeing)

1989   Eric Cooks (Basketball)

1990   Eric Cooks (Basketball)

1991   Peter Blackburn (Badminton)

1992   Greg Smith (Para-Athlete)

1993   Allison Cook (Basketball)

1994   Peter Blackburn (Badminton)

1995   Peter Blackburn (Badminton)

1996   Anthony Edwards (Rowing)

1997   Tim Wright (Rowing) & Bob Richards (Rowing)

1998   Tim Wright (Rowing) & Robert Richards (Rowing)

1999   Tim Wright (Rowing) & Robert Richards (Rowing)

2000   Tim Wright (Rowing) & Robert Richards (Rowing)

2001   Ballarat Grammar Girls 1st Rowing Crew

2002   Ballarat Lady Miners

2003   Ballarat Pride Netball Team

2004   Shayne Reese (Swimming)

2005   Shayne Reese (Swimming)

2006   James McDonald (Football)

2007   Tamsin Barnett (Beach Volleyball)

2008   North Ballarat Football Club

2009   Jarrod Edwards (Football)

2010   Gerard Fitzgerald (Football)

2011   Patrick Shaw (Cycling)

2012   James Marburg

2013  Patrick Shaw (Cycling)

2014  St Patrick’s College (Ballarat) Football Team & Coach Howard Clark

2015  Matt Curwood (Eight Ball)

2016 Kolbe Poole, Matt Curwood & Jake McCartney World Champion 8 Ball Team

2017 Matthew Short (Cricket)

2018 Katrina Werry (Rowing)

2019 Kolbe Poole (World 8 Ball)

This Award was established because over many years, the Club has seen dedicated Ballarat coaches, mentors and trainers assist in the development and growth of sport within the region. The committee believes that the outstanding contribution and achievement of such people should be acknowledged and encouraged.

The ‘Widmer Award’ was inaugurated because the Committee felt that this is a fitting tribute to both the future recipients of the award and to the person whose name it bears, Life Member the late Alan Widmer. Alan was a true gentlemen whose heart and talent is woven into the Club’s history.

2015   Darren Weir (Horse Racing)

2016   Neville Down (Athletics Coach & Mentor)

2017 Darren Weir  (Horse Racing)

2018 Howard Clark (Football)

2019 Greg Smith (Para Sports)

To win this prestigious award the young person must be under the age of seventeen when their performance was recorded. Over the years the standard of our young contestants has improved dramatically, evidenced by their success in State, National and World titles in a diverse variety of sports. The late Jack Wunhym, after whom the trophy is named, spent many years of his life in the watching and encouragement of Junior Sports people in more than one sport.

1966   Ian Hankin (Athletics)

1967   Greg Wood (Football)

1968   Geoff Mark (Trap Shooting)

1969   Sue Gilbert (Table Tennis)

1970   Robert Branch (Football)

1971   Mark Williams (Cycling)

1972   Jan Irwin (Badminton)

1973   Jan Irwin (Badminton)

1974   Kerry Woodward (Table Tennis)

1975   Charles Davies (Athletics)

1976   Peter Jacobsson (Baseball)

1977   Peter Jacobsson (Baseball)

1978   Paul Cleary (Athletics)

1979   Russell Mark (Trap Shooting)

1980   Ricky Murphy (Motor Cross)

1981   Roderick Fry (Athletics)

1982   Greg Spratling (Cricket)

1983   Ben Ingleton (Cricket/Football)

1984   Clare Schreenan (Table Tennis)

1985   Jane Burrell (Athletics)

1986   Stewart Fox (Swimming)

1987    Mark Orchard (Athletics)

1988   Chris Howley (Athletics)

1989   Darren Webb (Table Tennis)

1990   Darren Webb (Table Tennis)

1991   Sallee Caldwell (Swimming)

1992   Alicia Taylor (Badminton) & Randall McGregor (Cycling)

1993   Lachlan Oliver (Athletics)

2006   Kaitlyn Ashmore (Javelin)

2007   Kaitlyn Ashmore (Javelin)

1994   Ingrid Alexander (Triathlete)

1995   Cameron Stowe (Trap Shooting)

1996   Collis Birmingham (Athletics)

1997   Lachlan Oliver (Athletics)

1998   Collis Birmingham (Athletics) & Shayne Reese (Swimming)

1999   Jason Dyer (Tae Kwon Do & Karate) & Peter O’Neill (Bare Foot Water Skiing)

2000   Jason Dyer (Tae Kwon Do & Karate)

2001   Ashley Watson (Athletics)

2002   Kirsty Benoit (Tennis)

2003   Shakira Winmar (Athletics)

2004   Michelle Carpenter (Table Tennis)

2005   Jayde Everitt (Kayaking)

2008   Nick O’Brien (Cricket & Football)

2009   Ben Huggett (Triathlon)

2010   Kate Ryan (Athletics)

2011    Zoe Hives (Tennis)

2012    Zoe Hives (Tennis)

2013   Sam Baird (Athletics)

2014   Ashlea Bylsma (Track & Field – Long Jump)

2015   Grace O’Dwyer (Athletics) & Josh Jolly (BMX Racing)

2016   Nicholas Fidler (Athletics)

2017   Sam Rizzo (Wheelchair Athletics) & Harry Sharp (Athletics)

2018 Sam Rizzo (Wheelchair Athletics)

2019 Tazmin Forrest (Archery)

Recognising that there are many people in sporting organisations, who are playing a self-sacrificing role in sport, but receiving little recognition for their dedicated service, the committee of the Ballarat Sportsmen’s Club inaugurated the Mackenzie Award. This was to be both a tribute to these people and to the monumental contribution to the BSC by the late Ken Mackenzie.

The recipient is a person who had made or is still making a major contribution to Ballarat sport, behind the actual scene of participation.

1965   Bill Henderson (Football, Tennis, Badminton)

1966   Ernie Blanden (Baseball)

1967   Stuart Hunter (Athletics)

1968   Les Blackbourn (Tennis)

1969   George King (Football)

1970   Keg Dunbar (Football, Golf, Sportswriting)

1971   Ern Whykes (Baseball, Sports Broadcasting)

1972   Frank Bourke (Lawn Bowls)

1973   Keith Bray (Harness Racing)

1974   Geoff Taylor (Football)

1975   Val Stewart (Athletics, Football, Sportsmedicine)

1976   Hubert Robinson (Badminton, Basketball)

1977   Ron Clack (Baseball, Lawn Bowls, Cricket)

1978   Earl Brooks (Football)

1979   Frank Faulkner (Racing)

1980   Wally Brown (Athletics, Harness Racing)

1981   Keith Lawrence (Football, Athletics)

1982   Jim Oliver (Soccer)

1983   Mick O’Neil (Swimming)

1984   Ken Eyers (Football, Badminton, Table Tennis)

1985   Laurie Valpied (Golf, Rowing)

1986   Len Dunkley-Sminth (Cricket, Basketball)

1987   Thora Blackbourn (tennis)

1988   Lindsay Pattenden (Squash)

1989   Peter Heinz (Cricket, Lawn Bowls)

1990   Eric Waller (Rowing)

1991   Tom Neville (Football)

1992   John McCarty (Football, Cricket)

1993   Ken Kay (Badminton)

1994  Dawn Jose (Basketball, Netball)

1995  Charles Coghlan (Horse Racing)

1996   Les Rodd (Tennis/Bowls)

1997   Bob Reynolds (Golf)

1998   Dennis Foley (Basketball)

1999   Rex Hollioake (Cricket)

2000   Allan Spratling (Cricket)

2001   Jo Dash (Netball)

2002   Neil Thompson (B.S.C., Badminton, Golf)

2003   Rod McKechnie (Lawn Bowls)

2004   Harry Harris (Football)

2005   John Wiltshire (Horse Racing & Athletics)

2006   Bill McLennan (Athletics)

2007   Geoff McRae (Cricket)

2008   Blake Gordon (Orienteering)

2009   John Haywood (Basketball)

2010   Geoff Torney A.M (Horse Racing)

2011   Paul James (Harness Racing)

2012   Brian Christophers (Services to Badminton)

2013  Noel Pidgeon (Ballarat Sports Foundation)

2014  Morgan Murphy (Swimming Coach/Administrator)

2015  Jeff Clack (Baseball & Cricket)

2016  Shane Bicknell (Little Athletics)

2017  John Burt OAM (Ballarat Sports Foundation)

2018 Peter Wilson (Services to Ballarat Sport)

2019 Colin McClelland (Ballarat Sports Foundation)